I don’t solve creative problems (and that’s what books are–narratives that can only be advanced through creative solutions) through some mystical skill of pulling together random things. In fact, I make long lists of possible choices, including the boring, stale ideas that have become cliche. I cross off the dull ones, then I cross off the ones that don’t work, then I keep adding to the list.

A Good Day for Old Coins

This morning I found a 1943 nickel in some change. Then this evening another set of change brought me a 1913 penny. (For those keeping score, the former is nearly 70 years old, while the latter is almost 100.)

It makes me wonder how often I’ve blithely passed such treasures from palm to pocket without registering the same subtle irregularities that prompted me to take a closer look today.

Oh, and as far as that old ‘immortality would be boring, nobody really wants to live forever’ trope — I would be happy to test that out for you all, and find out if living forever young really is boring and unattractive. Just let me know.

Carrie Vaughn — In Time

I’ll second that.